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Monday, October 27, 2014

I've only gotten my makeup professionally done less than a handful of times. Almost every time, I ended up hating it. It sucks when you pay a boatload for something and then your disappointed in the results. Usually I give into these things for special occasions, but this time around I decided to give it another try. I booked an appointment with Nars Cosmetics.
Make up is still very new to me... I used to be very minimal and now it seems my skincare and make up routine has been quite extended. I'm quickly learning new techniques and styles. This appointment also served as great learning experience. Although there was no special occasion in mind, I asked the makeup artist for a dramatic evening look. I was planning on going into work later that evening so I thought it smart. She did an amazing job at providing my dramatic look. I loved the eye make up especially. In the end, I bought mostly everything she used to achieve the dramatic eye. I wasn't too impressed with the face products. They left my face too oily and porous. Overall, I had a good experience until the next day, my eyes became rather puffy. I think I had a reaction to the makeup brushes or sample products used.
Here is a pic of my make up... what do you guys think? XO

(Taken with my camera phone)

(I received an awesome gift with purchase as well)  

 (What I bought: Kaliste and Mambo eyepencils, Thunderbolt eyeshadow, Cacao concealer for contouring, and eyebrow pencil)

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