Disneyland Fun :P

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HOORAY!!!! My friends and I, have purchased annual passports to Disneyland!
Check out some of the pics:
 Minnies <3
We think Mickey is secretly Asian :)
 Holiday shot with my sissy.
 We found Donald and Goofy chillin by the tea cups.

 Freeze. Photo time.
 What an awesome pic in front of the castle.

More Disneyland adventures to come.. 

Pretty things..

Friday, January 11, 2013

I got some pretty cool things for Hanukkah/Christmas this year. 

1. Gold Rabito IPhone Case
2. Gold Diesel Watch
3. Philosophy Cinnamon buns Lip gloss
4. Top Shop JEM and DAREDEVIL Nail polishes
5. Voluspa Baltic Amber and Goji Tarocco Orange Candles
6. Sephora + Pantone Universe Gold Trio Nail polishes
7.  Hello Kitty Animals Mimobot flash drive (Leopard)
8. Swarovski Lightening Bracelets 
9. Gold 2013 Planner

I'm in LOVE with it all!!!! GOLD EVERYTHING!!!
Thank you Friends and Family! These are some of the best gifts!

Goodbye 2012, Hello to 2013!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 was certainly an interesting year. In spite of all that I went through, there were many highlights! I went to Coachella and EDC both for the first time; Not to mention the " i dunno how many" trips to Vegas. I went to Oahu, Hawaii with Gabriel and had a wonderful time. I went snowboarding in Mammoth. I truly entertained myself this past year. Now that 2013 has arrived, Im hoping to keep at it, and perhaps accomplish much more.

1. Get up earlier! 
2. Get your life in order. 
3. Become a famous Blogger. 
4. Take up graphic design and work on more of your artwork.
5. Travel somewhere new this year. 
6. Try to exercise a little. 
7. Read more.
8. Pay off debt.
9. Save more savings.
10. Get a photographer to take pictures of me and do some modeling.
11. Make an effort not to dress like a bum.  

Gabriel would say that I sound like every other stupid girl. But I think I'm amazing and I don't understand why I cant translate that into making my dreams and hopes come true. 
I need to have more confidence in myself and my ability to succeed in the things I do.
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