Haircut Decisions

Sunday, March 8, 2015

When you want to change up your look, the first thing that you think to change is your HAIR! Sometimes this can be amazing and other times you may regret it. I've always been pretty safe with my hair because I'm super low maintenance with it and also because it can get costly. As of late however, all I've been thinking about is how my hair is so boring and flat.. I've been toying with the idea that I'll get highlights for summer. I've always thought that as a dark haired brunette, it's risky to get highlights because they can turn out looking trashy though. I secretly envy blondes for this reason. So without the option of dying my hair, my only recourse would be a cut. First things first, I've searched the Pinterest for inspo and this is what I have come up with. Stay tuned to see what I end up getting done, eeeeeeekkkkkk (I'm so scared.) 

I know these shorter cuts aren't too drastic, but they are definitely an option for me right now:


  1. I've decided to go brunette and it's all your fault!!!
    Seriously great inspirations<3 xx

  2. I love these haircuts on photos, i think they look very stylish and beautiful :) x

    1. Thank you, I hope I can achieve the same effortless styles in the photos once I get the cut!
      <3 Thanks for stopping by!


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